This Common Mistake Gets You Manipulated (Members Only Bonus Content)

See the original article here. Links: Optimism Bias – people believe they are less likely to experience a negative event. Beck Hopelessness Scale – a 20 item inventory that looks at people’s attitudes towards the future. It predicts suicidal behavior. Narcissism Symptoms – exaggerated self importance and fantasies of success and belief they are superior. … Read more

A Subtle Manipulation Tactic: The Unexpected Key To Manipulation (Members Only Bonus Content)

Main Article. Links: (Tactics of manipulation study) 33 Strategies of War (The manipulation story about the man with heart issues and the woman) The Mentalist (A good show where the main character uses this Key to manipulation regularly. See this show if you want more examples of this principle in action.) Manipulation … Read more

Succession: Why Insults Hurt Psychology (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Main article. Links: –Attacking the ego ideal is more powerful than direct insults p1343 (attack idealized objects) Research Notes: -Create an insult Rolodex if you always want a comeback ready. -For the most powerful types of ego ideal insults, focus on associations that represent the ideal. For example a nice watch might represent success. But … Read more

What Is Character Assassination? How Does It Work? (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Main article. Links: – (overview) – (a useful journal overview of the whole topic) – (the handbook on CA, historical examples are useful) – (an organization dedicated to CA) – (historical examples) (more examples) – (character assassination book) Research Notes: -It is all about reputation, see laws of power, guard it with your life … Read more

This Is Why You Get Objections (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Main article. Links: – (spin selling, studies are listed here) – -How To Have Impossible Conversations (book that uses questions for persuasion) We will probably do a whole video on this book or at least some of the main points/thoughts. Research Notes: -See also Street Epistemology’s use of questions in persuasion. The book “How To … Read more

Science Behind 3rd Law Of Power: Conceal Your Intentions (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Main article. Links: – (Propaganda distraction movie.) – (Trial lawyer technique, infrequent use. See also dead cat strategy) – Distraction in propaganda. – (See page 6. What makes people vulnerable to distraction propaganda? Information quantity and need to belong) – (Israeli attacks on Superbowl and other major planned events) Research Notes: -Red herrings are used … Read more

How Do You Defend Against Character Assassination? (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Main Article. Links: – (person suffers from a cognitive blind spot) – (overview of studies) – (overview) – (overview) – (books on image repair theory for advanced research) – (useful masters thesis on the topic) – (parallels between medical and psychological inoculation) – (character assassination book) Research Notes: -Reputation is key, figure out what values … Read more

Reasons why people don’t listen when I talk? How To Be Heard (Persuasion) (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Original Article. Links: -Study Basic study on agentic shift in different situations. Only useful for deeper study. –Wikipedia. Great overview. Notes: -See also presuasion type techniques (linguistic phrases like because and other primer type effects) -Balance between building rapport through vulnerability and being too vulnerable that the person doesn’t see you as an authority anymore … Read more

Underwood’s Road To Power In House Of Cards Season 1 (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Original Article. Links: A date based timeline of HOC. For overview comparison purposes. Forms of power (French & Raven) Wikipedia. Journal Article. -Managing with Power by Pfeffer (how to build and navigate power in organizations) A practical resource on growing your power in an organization. View on Amazon. Notes: Frank is always developing other sources … Read more

Science Behind 2nd Law Of Power: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn To Use Enemies (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Main article. Links: –Evolutionary Psychology Of Envy/Jealousy –Psychology Of Jealousy Research Notes:-Friends will more readily betray you because of envy (see what you have up close). -People don’t remember your generosity (often it reminds them of their own weakness). -They become spoiled (entitled). -Friends know where to strike. -Emotions like love can blind you to … Read more