Game Theory in the News: Russia and Ukraine (Credibility)

Everyone wants their threats, promises, and assurances taken more seriously. But how? Think in terms of certainty. If people were more certain you’d fire them, reward them, support them, or successfully compete against them, you’d increase your bargaining power. We see this play out in the Russia Ukraine conflict. The more certain people are that … Read more

Conversation Starters: A Practically Simple Guide

Learning to be comfortable starting conversations with strangers can increase your social power. Specifically if you can start conversations with strangers, keep them going, and get useful information from them, you can do it with anyone. Try these conversations starters that are flexible enough to be useful in any situation. What Is Your Conversation Goal? … Read more

How To Have Impossible Conversations By Boghossian (SUMMARY, Review, Criticisms)

What Is This Book About? Persuasion is practically impossible when discussing certain subjects. This book teaches techniques for such situations. It is chalk full of effective questions that will force people to reconsider their positions. Who Should Buy This Book? You should buy this book if you are looking for techniques to improve your persuasive … Read more

Frame Control: All You’ll Ever Need To Know

What Is A Frame? (With Examples) There is a lot of information out there in the world. Our brains need a way to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Think of a frame like a story or narrative. It presents information about the world by emphasizing certain aspects of our experience … Read more