The True Believer By Eric Hoffer (Review & Detailed Summary)

Overview Hoffer seeks to explain why mass movements happen. First he talks about different personality types, and why each is drawn to a movement. For example, people who join fanatical mass movements often feel their lives are useless or wasted. They latch onto a movement because it makes them feel that they have purpose, that … Read more

Game Theory in the News: Russia and Ukraine (Credibility)

Everyone wants their threats, promises, and assurances taken more seriously. But how? Think in terms of certainty. If people were more certain you’d fire them, reward them, support them, or successfully compete against them, you’d increase your bargaining power. We see this play out in the Russia Ukraine conflict. The more certain people are that … Read more

Can you Learn to be Manipulative?

Answer: Yes. Manipulation is a skill like any other. First you learn how it works. Then you practice each skill that makes up manipulation. Finally you put those elements together into easy to use processes. Learn how Manipulation Works Manipulation gets a bad rap. Skills of Manipulation Manipulation includes many different skills. Here are a … Read more