Resources for Learning More About Game Theory

I’ve been asked for resources that would help someone learn more Game Theory.

  1. (Beginner) Thinking Strategically by Dixit is a great beginner book. It teaches you many of the important takeaways of Game Theory, but allows you to avoid the math. It covers topics like strategic moves, credibility, brinkmanship, bargaining, voting, incentives, unpredictability, and of course the prisoner’s dilemma.
  2. (Beginner) The William Spaniel YouTube channel. This is another great resource for beginners. It takes you from zero knowledge to a proficient level of Game Theory understanding. It is roughly on a similar quality level of a University Course. He’ll teach you how to diagram basic Game Theory situations, how to reason through different approaches, and much more.
  3. (Beginner) The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has a solid article on Game Theory. It gives you a great overview of the different topics and concepts in play. High quality and doesn’t require deep math knowledge to understand. It is more philosophical, so it probably is best used if you want to create a context for your understanding of Game Theory.
  4. Game Theory in Defense is a meta analysis of sorts that is quite useful as a starting point for reading journal articles on Game Theory. It covers differnt types of games, strategies, and more, through the leanse of military applications. Like all good journal articles it has footnotes and links for further reading.
  5. (Advanced) The International Journal of Game Theory is a useful resource for those a little more advanced minded. It is a credible source of relatively current Game Theory research. Others include Games and Economic Behavior, and Games. There are quite a few more that you can quickly find if you have access to a college library. Visitors are usually welcome to use the online system and physical resources as long as you check in. Try searching for topics like “applied game theory” or “game theory and negotiations.”
  6. We’ve written a few articles on Game Theory. Here is one on the fictional character Tommy Shelby. Another briefly covers the Ukraine war. This covers a related topic of divide an conquer, though we don’t directly discuss Game Theory in the article. You can also filter by strategy on our search or drop down menus.

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