How To Stop People From Controlling You: 5+ Techniques

People are controlling for many reasons. They can just be controlling because of the natural wiring of their personality, because they are projecting their feeling of being out of control onto you, or because they have anxiety or personality disorders. But at a certain point, it doesn’t matter why someone is acting a certain way. … Read more

How To Humiliate Someone

Humiliation is when someone’s social identity or status has been lowered or removed. The key to humiliation is setting up situations where the person is unable to demonstrate that they have a characteristic they value. This typically happens through intimidation, mistreatment, trickery, or embarrassment. Humiliation has 4 ingredients that control how intense the humiliation is. … Read more

What To Do When Someone Challenges You

The Psychology Of Why It Happens Social challenges are a natural part of life, baked into our biology. If you look at animals in general, but specifically chimps, dominance challenges behave in a manner remarkably similar to in humans. Testosterone, a hormone had in greater amounts by men triggers competitiveness. Dominance challenges are essentially competitions … Read more