Game Theory in the News: Russia and Ukraine (Credibility)

Everyone wants their threats, promises, and assurances taken more seriously. But how? Think in terms of certainty. If people were more certain you’d fire them, reward them, support them, or successfully compete against them, you’d increase your bargaining power. We see this play out in the Russia Ukraine conflict. The more certain people are that … Read more

How Is The Concise Version Different? (48 Laws, Art Of Seduction, 33 Strategies Of War, Mastery, Laws Of Human Nature)

When looking to purchase books by Robert Greene, you might have noticed that some of his book has a “concise” version. For example: The Concise 48 Laws Of Power The Concise Art Of Seduction The Concise 33 Strategies Of War The Concise Mastery The Concise Laws Of Human Nature Who Wrote These Books? These were … Read more

What’s Wrong With The 48 Laws Of Power?

The 48 Laws Of Power is a controversial book by Robert Greene that seeks to explain and categorize power. We have a full detailed summary here. Many have criticized the book, calling it evil, immoral, and wrong. We’ve broken down each criticism on the internet into four categories. The Anecdotal Criticism The 1st and primary … Read more