The Divide And Conquer Strategy

What Is The Divide And Conquer Strategy? Dictators, politicians, sociopaths, and individuals have been known to use the divide and conquer strategy. It is also known as the divide and rule strategy since those who imply it have the goal of ruling or controlling a situation or resource. You can also add in another term … Read more

What To Do When Someone Challenges You

The Psychology Of Why It Happens Social challenges are a natural part of life, baked into our biology. If you look at animals in general, but specifically chimps, dominance challenges behave in a manner remarkably similar to in humans. Testosterone, a hormone had in greater amounts by men triggers competitiveness. Dominance challenges are essentially competitions … Read more

How To Bring Down A Powerful Person

If you value power and status at any level, you will eventually have to bring down a powerful person. Sometimes you can go around such people but sometimes they won’t move and they are in your way. This article is meant as a jumping off point for you to learn how to beat them. It … Read more

The Prince VS The 48 Laws Of Power

What Is The Difference? The Prince is a classic book on power written by Machiavelli many years ago. It covers general strategies for getting and maintaining power. The 48 Laws Of Power was written very recently by Robert Greene. It covers different power ‘rules’ that are very applicable today. It draws on many books, including … Read more