About Us

Why Do You Do This Work?

The Encyclopedia of Power produces content focusing on strategies and science for attaining power. We use studies to weed out ineffective techniques. Our goal is to make the academic literature actionable and simple, so people can improve their lives and protect themselves.

We have academic and professional backgrounds across many fields like sales, law, marketing, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, statistics, engineering, entrepreneurship, and business. We share our knowledge of those areas here.

Are You Evil?

Some have commented that we cover dark material in a detailed and systematic way. They accuse us of providing information so that people can manipulate and cause others issues.

This is a straw man.

Implicit in the straw man is a form of paternalism. We don’t agree with paternalism. Societies are more vulnerable when malicious techniques are obscured. Bad actors will use these techniques for evil, whether we document them here or not.

We prefer the inoculation approach to “evil.” Inoculation takes a portion of a sickness and injects it into the body. The body learns how to defeat the problem, and creates antibodies against future attacks.

Similarly, this site seeks to inoculate people against malicious attacks by describing them in detail, and by presenting information like an attacker might think. You can’t avoid all bad situations. So we want to minimize the inevitable trauma associated with a overly naive world view.

To those who decry devious devices we ask, would you have used manipulation to harm Hitler?

True, you probably won’t confront someone like this. But bad actors exist. Fighting is sometimes necessary. When it starts, you need to know how it works, and how to do it. We explain how.

What Do You Think About Humanity In General?

People are strong and adaptable, not weak and frail. Those who seek to shut down sites like this often take a more pessimistic view of humanity.

In contrast, we side with science. Research shows that correctly dosed exposure makes humans stronger in the long run, if they are committed to improvement. People don’t need paternalism, they need empowerment.

We offer courses and coaching on self defense, self empowerment, self improvement, and much more.

Where Else Can We Find You?

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