How To Humiliate Someone

Humiliation is when someone’s social identity or status has been lowered or removed. The key to humiliation is setting up situations where the person is unable to demonstrate that they have a characteristic they value. This typically happens through intimidation, mistreatment, trickery, or embarrassment. Humiliation has 4 ingredients that control how intense the humiliation is. … Read more

Propaganda Techniques: An Exhaustive List

Propaganda is a planned effort to influence people’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions using strategic messages. This article covers a list of propaganda techniques used in various areas of life. In Marketing And Advertising Advertisers and marketers use propaganda techniques to move people along the hierarchy of effects model. The hierarchy of effects model is a … Read more

The Divide And Conquer Strategy

What Is The Divide And Conquer Strategy? Dictators, politicians, sociopaths, and individuals have been known to use the divide and conquer strategy. It is also known as the divide and rule strategy since those who imply it have the goal of ruling or controlling a situation or resource. You can also add in another term … Read more

How To Develop Dark Triad Traits

What Is The Dark Triad? The dark triad is made up of narcissism, psychopathy, and machiavellianism. The triad is not a grouping of personality disorders, as is mistakenly assumed. It is simply a trait grouping. This trait grouping does porportedly have a relationship with antagonism, coming from the big 5 personality trait of disagreeableness (low … Read more

What Everyone Ought To Know About Brainwashing

What Is Brainwashing? Brainwashing is a manipulative set of action that seek to control the brain. The goal is typically to reduce independent, rational, and selfish thought, and instead to introduce new ideas that are beneficial to another party. Brainwashing techniques are best seen as a subset of manipulation. Brainwashing seems similar to persuasion but … Read more