The Question Dodging Guide

Introduction To Dodging In this article you will learn everything you know to become a master question dodger. We also cover what to do if people dodge your questions. What Is Question Dodging? When an individual avoids answering a question, they are question dodging. Question dodging is frequently used by politicians and other public figures … Read more

Complete Guide To Backhanded Compliments (List & Examples)

What Is A Backhanded Compliment? Defined Backhanded compliments also known as backhanded insults are a combination of an insult and a compliment. Is a backhanded compliment an insult? Yes. Backhanded compliments are by definition insults since the comment includes a negative aspect. What Are Other Names For Backhanded Compliments? Backhanded compliments are also known by … Read more

A Subtle Manipulation Tactic: The Unexpected Key To Manipulation (Members Only Bonus Content)

Main Article. Links: (Tactics of manipulation study) 33 Strategies of War (The manipulation story about the man with heart issues and the woman) The Mentalist (A good show where the main character uses this Key to manipulation regularly. See this show if you want more examples of this principle in action.) Manipulation … Read more

A Subtle Manipulation Tactic: The Unexpected Key To Manipulation

How Is Psychological Manipulation Done? Today we are going to talk about the unexpected key to manipulation. The key is learning to use someone’s momentum. Manipulation Misconception But first let’s clear up a common misconception about manipulation. Many think that true manipulation involves hijacking someone’s mind and forcing them to do as you wish, almost … Read more

Succession: Why Insults Hurt Psychology (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Main article. Links: –Attacking the ego ideal is more powerful than direct insults p1343 (attack idealized objects) Research Notes: -Create an insult Rolodex if you always want a comeback ready. -For the most powerful types of ego ideal insults, focus on associations that represent the ideal. For example a nice watch might represent success. But … Read more

What Is Character Assassination? How Does It Work? (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Main article. Links: – (overview) – (a useful journal overview of the whole topic) – (the handbook on CA, historical examples are useful) – (an organization dedicated to CA) – (historical examples) (more examples) – (character assassination book) Research Notes: -It is all about reputation, see laws of power, guard it with your life … Read more