What Is Character Assassination? How Does It Work? (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Character_assassination (overview)

http://batstar.net/piper/char.htm (a useful journal overview of the whole topic)

https://www.routledgehandbooks.com/doi/10.4324/9781315150178-4 (the handbook on CA, historical examples are useful)

https://carpresearchlab.org/ (an organization dedicated to CA)

https://communication.gmu.edu/research-and-centers/carp/ca-history (historical examples)

https://d101vc9winf8ln.cloudfront.net/documents/31470/original/ALL-ABSTRACTS.pdf?1559585760 (more examples)

https://amzn.to/3Eh04ng (character assassination book)

Research Notes:

-It is all about reputation, see laws of power, guard it with your life

-People generally only character attack those who they think have something of value whether it is a belief, commodity, or something they want to destroy. Occasionally people character attack because they feel insecure or they want to feel dominant.

-Ask yourself who has an incentive to attack me

-Character attacks can be post mortem meaning against a dead person’s character or their ideas

-Very prevalent in politics because people don’t research the things they hear much

-Character assassination attempts are generally basically one big ad hominem attack

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