A Subtle Manipulation Tactic: The Unexpected Key To Manipulation (Members Only Bonus Content)

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https://cdn.la.utexas.edu/buss/files/2015/09/tactics_of_manipulation_1987_jpsp.pdf (Tactics of manipulation study)



33 Strategies of War (The manipulation story about the man with heart issues and the woman)

The Mentalist (A good show where the main character uses this Key to manipulation regularly. See this show if you want more examples of this principle in action.)

Manipulation Defenses Book: In Sheep’s Clothing Useful if you want to better understand whether you are in a manipulative situation and how to defend against it.

Research Notes:

Other manipulation tactics include minimization, gaslighting, establishing control, and more. We will talk more about these in upcoming videos.

See also Caldini’s book Influence for some manipulation tactics that are useful in persuasion. The story in Caldini’s book about the prisoners of war is a spectacular example of long term persuasion/propaganda/manipulation.

Keep in mind understanding how to use someone’s momentum is 80% of the game of manipulation. You could become excellent at both manipulating and stopping manipulation if all you do is practice using a person’s momentum to your advantage. The other 20% are all the tactics you will learn about in studies and books like Influence and our channel. Don’t be inefficient. Focus on the 80% before the 20.

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