This Common Mistake Gets You Manipulated (Members Only Bonus Content)

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Optimism Bias – people believe they are less likely to experience a negative event.

Beck Hopelessness Scale – a 20 item inventory that looks at people’s attitudes towards the future. It predicts suicidal behavior.

Narcissism Symptoms – exaggerated self importance and fantasies of success and belief they are superior.

Dunning-Kruger – the incompetent overestimate their competence.

Hopelessness And Risk Taking In College Students – College students engage in risky behavior when they are higher on hopelessness.

Hopelessness And Risk In Inner Cities – people who don’t think they have opportunity take more risk.

Measuring Desperation – ancillary study on measuring desperation attempt.

Cheating Children – kids told they are smart cheat (take a risk) to maintain image.

Research Notes:

How can you spot desperation in someone? See the hopelessness scale, but the questions teach us it is all about how people view the future. Do they see it as bright or do they see it with pessimism?

Personality also effects levels of risk taking, desperation, and negative affect. See big 5 personality info.

One of the most important examples on persuasion and manipulation has to be the POW story in Caldini’s Influence (p 70). It is a perfect example of what actually changes behavior. Strategic and minute movements towards a desired end goal. We highly doubt this video will be the last time we mention it.

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