The True Believer By Eric Hoffer (Review & Detailed Summary)

Overview Hoffer seeks to explain why mass movements happen. First he talks about different personality types, and why each is drawn to a movement. For example, people who join fanatical mass movements often feel their lives are useless or wasted. They latch onto a movement because it makes them feel that they have purpose, that … Read more

How Attention Works

At their core, all attention techniques are promises. You are promising to share something of value, if they trade their attention. The key is to match your promise to something people are interested in, something they want. For example, a promise to share what happened at work is going to be more interesting to your … Read more


Mirroring is when one person mimics another person’s behavior. Mirroring tends to create rapport or increased liking. It is typically focused on body language, like mimicking the person’s arm or leg positions, but it can also extend to ideas and interests. This page will link to various research on mirroring, but also provide you with … Read more

4 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust Your Feelings, Brain, Memory, Or Gut

Our brain, senses, and tools aren’t perfect. Understanding where they fall short can help us better navigate and strategize in our environment. They can also help us persuade stubborn people by helping them realize flaws in the processes they feel so confident in. Here are a few weaknesses every human has that you should keep … Read more