The Key To Persuasion: What Is The WIIFM Principle? (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Main Article. Links: -The Craft Of Power By Siu (A practical approach to power. The story about the King and the horse are from this book.) View On Amazon. –Inoculation Theory Wikipedia page. Basically counter an argument before it happens to prepare your audience to be more resistant to persuasion. Jury article reference here. Research … Read more

Altercasting (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Original Article. Links: A general overview. 6 dimensions of altercasting here. Basically it talks about how close the identity is to the person’s ego. Closer === more persuasive. Research Notes: -Try positive and negative altercasting. Positive is when you entice someone based on an identity. For example “all smart people act this way.” … Read more

Altercasting: A Massively Effective Persuasion Trick

What is altercasting and What does altercasting mean? Altercasting is when you use a social role or identity’s expected behavior to persuade someone to act or think a certain way. For example, “all smart people buy mac/pc computers,” or “no popular people like that band.” Everyone wants the magical persuasion trick that instantly bends people … Read more

Build Rapport With Anyone In 5 Minutes

Watch the following video to find out how to build rapport with anyone in 5 minutes, or keep going below if you prefer to read. ANSWER: To build rapport with anyone in 5 minutes, you must make the person feel understood and valued. One technique is to use questions to figure out what the person … Read more

What Is Persuasion? A Quick Definition

Today we will be answering the question “what is persuasion?” Answer: Persuasion is an action undertaken with the purpose of changing beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. The action could be anything from texting, to speech, to a song, to artwork, or even a physical movement. Persuasion does not necessarily completely and totally change someone’s opinion or … Read more