The Key To Persuasion: What Is The WIIFM Principle? (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

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-The Craft Of Power By Siu (A practical approach to power. The story about the King and the horse are from this book.) View On Amazon.

Inoculation Theory Wikipedia page. Basically counter an argument before it happens to prepare your audience to be more resistant to persuasion.

Jury article reference here.

Research Notes:

WIIFM is the key to persuasion. This cannot be understated. You should know the deep (personality driven desires like freedom or consistency) and the shallow desires (I am hungry, I want to get home to see my family, I like green shirts). Thus those who can better figure out a person’s WIIFMs will always be better at persuading in the long run. This is why many salesmen who sell software and medical supplies tend to not be as boisterous as people typically think salespeople are. The best salespeople can be outgoing, confident, and well spoken, but the best salespeople are ALWAYS good listeners and question askers.

The stick part of the carrot and stick topic is extremely important. In fact there is a whole book focused on driving control in a sales process by teaching the sales reps to establish a problem early on in the sales call. It is called the Challenger sale (view on Amazon). The best point in this book is that people pay attention when they have issues. You can use the stick part of the carrot to scare people into action. We will be posting a future video on this topic but the best way to often do this is with a question that points out a serious issue the person is having.

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