Science Behind 2nd Law Of Power: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn To Use Enemies (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

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Evolutionary Psychology Of Envy/Jealousy

Psychology Of Jealousy

Research Notes:
-Friends will more readily betray you because of envy (see what you have up close).

-People don’t remember your generosity (often it reminds them of their own weakness).

-They become spoiled (entitled).

-Friends know where to strike.

-Emotions like love can blind you to deception, no one believes a friend can strike.

-People more likely to repay injury than benefit, one is a burden, another a pleasure.

-Enemies have more to prove (generosity wins people over), expect nothing/low expectations and get everything (must be in return for ‘dis-empowering’ themselves), value gap.

-Honesty rarely strengthens a friendship so friends are hard to read.

-Friends limit your power, they are rarely the best person to help you, skill and competence are more important than good feelings.

-Friends get used to your faults and so are less likely to bring them up to you, enemies will point them out in order to hurt you.

-Relationship is based on mutual self interest and nothing more.

-Enemies keep us sharp, use them to learn truths about yourself, use them to practice fighting.

-Enemies help you frame things as a struggle of good against evil.

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