Argue Like Socrates

What Is The Socratic Method Of Arguing? The Socratic Method is a form of dialogue focused on stimulating critical thinking. It typically uses questions as the primary tool for accomplishing this. It is based on the character of Socrates in Plato’s writing. Socrates as a philosopher who went around questioning everyone’s beliefs. He believed true … Read more

Make Them Obey, The Science Of Compliance And Conformity

What Are Compliance And Conformity? Compliance refers to a specific type of response to a request, namely submission. It is broken down in to compliance, in which people change how they act but not how they believe, identification, in which people change their public behavior and beliefs but not when they aren’t around the group, … Read more

Frame Control: All You’ll Ever Need To Know

What Is A Frame? (With Examples) There is a lot of information out there in the world. Our brains need a way to know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. Think of a frame like a story or narrative. It presents information about the world by emphasizing certain aspects of our experience … Read more

Dealing With Stubborn People

We will cover the science behind why people could be acting stubbornly, a better way to look at stubborn behavior, and how to persuade and argue with stubborn people. What Causes People To Be Stubborn? At some level, stubbornness is a genetic personality based trait. The big 5 personality includes one trait called disagreeableness. Trait … Read more

5 Material Things Everyone Wants In Life

A house – easily the biggest flex of them all. A car – if you don’t live in a major city. Nice clothing or jewelry – dresses/suits, jackets, shirts, watches, necklaces, earrings. You spend most of the day in your clothes, so make them nice! Food – everyone has to eat, why not eat well? … Read more

How To Handle Objections From Customers (SPIN Questions In Persuasion)

If you have problems with frequent objections when you are trying to persuade, this video is for you. But prepare yourself, this method for reducing objections isn’t what you’d expect.  Why Do Customers Make Objections? Customers make objections because they feel unsure and unconvinced by how either you, your product, or your company solves their … Read more

This Is Why You Get Objections (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Main article. Links: – (spin selling, studies are listed here) – -How To Have Impossible Conversations (book that uses questions for persuasion) We will probably do a whole video on this book or at least some of the main points/thoughts. Research Notes: -See also Street Epistemology’s use of questions in persuasion. The book “How To … Read more

Reasons why people don’t listen when I talk? How To Be Heard (Persuasion) (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Original Article. Links: -Study Basic study on agentic shift in different situations. Only useful for deeper study. –Wikipedia. Great overview. Notes: -See also presuasion type techniques (linguistic phrases like because and other primer type effects) -Balance between building rapport through vulnerability and being too vulnerable that the person doesn’t see you as an authority anymore … Read more