Why Is Storytelling Important?

Storytelling is important for four reasons. First, storytelling is important because it helps us deal with a chaotic world. Stories organize our worlds by choosing to emphasize certain things and choosing to deemphasize other things. Because stories can help us filter facts about the world, stories play an important part of how humans create meaning … Read more

Deep Canvassing: A Step By Step Guide

What Is It? Why Should I Care? Deep Canvassing is a conversational system that was created to “generate larger and longer-lasting impacts on voter’s core attitudes.” The conversation is typically initiated by political volunteers who knock doors in a neighborhood. Statistics estimate that 2 of every twenty five people become new supporters, and stay that … Read more

Problems With Occam’s Razor (A Fallacy?)

What Is Occam’s Razor? Occam’s Razor is a principle that says you shouldn’t multiply entities unnecessarily. In other words, don’t select a way of explaining something that has assumptions it doesn’t need to have. This notion of simplicity usually has two parts, that of ontological simplicity, which refers to the number of things postulated to … Read more

Propaganda Techniques: An Exhaustive List

Propaganda is a planned effort to influence people’s thoughts, beliefs, and actions using strategic messages. This article covers a list of propaganda techniques used in various areas of life. In Marketing And Advertising Advertisers and marketers use propaganda techniques to move people along the hierarchy of effects model. The hierarchy of effects model is a … Read more

5 Powerful Ben Shapiro Debate Strategies & Tactics

Ben Shapiro is a famous or infamous political debater (depending on your political preferences). We don’t care one way or another about his politics, but we waned to dive into his debate strategies. His role or niche is to prove his team’s intellectual superiority. Debate tricks help you do that. Debate strategies are obviously useful … Read more

Who Has The Burden Of Proof In An Argument?

There are many different conceptions of burden of proof from math to philosophy to law. The concept of burden of proof here will be more similar to the philosophical and legal conceptions in the States. See this article or this article for more in depth philosophical treatments of the concept. What Is “Burden Of Proof” … Read more

How To Have Impossible Conversations By Boghossian (SUMMARY, Review, Criticisms)

What Is This Book About? Persuasion is practically impossible when discussing certain subjects. This book teaches techniques for such situations. It is chalk full of effective questions that will force people to reconsider their positions. Who Should Buy This Book? You should buy this book if you are looking for techniques to improve your persuasive … Read more