What Do People Want In Life (REAL EXAMPLES)

Here is a list of real examples of what people want in life taken from forums and comments on the web. If you want to know more about the science behind what people want, check out our post on value theory. You can also check out our post on personality theory.

  • More time. When I was in my teens I couldn’t wait to get older and for time to “hurry up”. Now in my late 20’s I barely have time for anything anymore 🙁 Slow down time, slow the hell down! (Source)
  • Patience, I’m so impatient and just get bored so quickly when trying to do things that are usually quite important. (Source)
  • Quitting my old job to find something better. I’m a person of habit and I stayed there because it was stable and I was afraid of losing that if I tried to find another job. I dropped an application at another company with my years of experience listed right on the front. My phone blew up the next day. They wanted to hire me on the spot. Offered me double what I was currently making. I nearly had a heart attack. It’s been almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier. (Source)
  • Being honest with the people around me, and not lying to myself about who i am. (Source)
  • Eating healthy and exercising. I’m 40 and have all sorts of issues due to an extremely poor diet as a child. (Source)
  • Brushing my teeth 🙁 no one made me when i was too little to care and by the time i wanted to do it for me the damage was done (Source)
  • Yup, I underslept for years, and I was irritable, unable to focus, and unmotivated. I changed my sleep schedule five months ago to get an extra hour a night, and now I feel great, my relationship with my kids has improved, and my work productivity is way up. It’s like free, legal performance-enhancing drugs your body makes every night!(Source)
  • I wish I can sing. Listening to my ipod and getting into the music, I kill the moment for myself when I hear my voice. (Source)
  • Charm…I want charm so f&*@ing bad (Source)
  • Creativity. I am a very logical person, I can grasp concepts quickly, and given a starting place I can build upon ideas, but I will never create something new on my own. (Source)
  • A photographic memory. I’ve lost a large portion of my long term memory ability past 1-2 years due to sports concussions. (Source)
  • I wish I could grow a really manly beard. (Source)
  • I hated my childhood. Hated it and I wish I had never been there. (Source)
  • In life I want three things every day- One of them is something to look up to, another is something to look forward to, and another is someone to chase. (Source)
  • I want peace of mind. I want to be able to tell myself it’s ok. (Source)
  • Not a damned thing makes me happy anymore. Anyone else? Any advice? (Source)
  • that my life matters and means something. (Source)
  • I’ve regretted the things I have tried and failed far less than those I’ve failed to try. (Source)
  • Big success in journalism (Source)
  • I want to be on my death bed and be able to say “damn, I’ve had a great life.” (Source)
  • A few acres in the middle of a forest, some satellite internet, a small cabin, garden, a truck and a dog. This is what I’m saving for. 🙂 (Source)
  • To change the world for better (Source)
  • To be that guy people like to talk to, getting better in both the small talk and the big talk for a group of people. If I’m able to achieve that, I would be extremely happy. (Source)
  • I wanted to travel aswell. Since I watched the talk I mentioned above, I planned to visit Island and Sweden aswell as Greece next year. (Source)
  • Much more traveling and starting a family, however I’m getting old (33) so it’s probably going to have to be one or the other. (Source)
  • fix bicycles, go thrifting, play music (Source)
  • Teach my son(s) how to shoot a basketball (Source)
  • I actually made a list of the things I did NOT want to do. Since this eliminated almost 90% of the viable career-paths available to me, it made it much easier to choose. (Source)
  • I just want to be an average, middle class American with two kids and a wife. I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want Ferrari’s or a mansion, just a decent home in a good neighborhood with a good job. (Source)

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