7 Facts About Robert Greene

1. Is He A Psychologist?

No. Robert Greene’s background is in classical studies, where he received a BA. He has had many different jobs but most of his income has come from writing and speaking about his books. His book Laws of Human Nature is about a psychological topic but it is not fully referenced like a psychology book might usually be.

2. What Happened To Him?

Greene had a serious stroke before the book Laws Of Human Nature came out in 2018. He has said that every book he does takes a lot out of him and usually leads to a decrease in his health.

3. Religion?

He was born Jewish but doesn’t have a “hardcore spiritual practice.” He does find interest in studying Zen Buddhism.

4. What Is His Next Book?

Green’s next book is Law of the Sublime. We have all the current information about it here.

5. What Personality Type Is Robert Greene?

We will use the big 5 personality system since it is the one most referenced in the scientific literature. This will simply be a rough estimate and can’t replace a true NEO-PI-3 test.

Greene is likely high on Openness (+70 percentile) as evidenced by his philosophical and aesthetic interests. He probably more conscientious (+70th percentile) then the average person. You don’t write many best selling books over a long period of time if you aren’t able to make and meet deadlines. Greene’s chosen career is one that typically requires much alone time. From this we can guess that he is lower on extroversion (slightly below the 50th percentile).

It would be surprising if the person who wrote famous books on power and control weren’t at least lower on agreeableness than the average person (roughly below the 50th percentile). However, the emphasis on power might come as a sort of “shadow work.” This could mean he is actually more agreeable than he first appears and has simply learned to create an effective mask. This is the conclusion Jordan Peterson appears to lean towards in this interview. It should be noted that Greene seems to push back on this a bit.

Greene is probably slightly above average in neuroticism (above +50th percentile). We say this because you can see portions of his writing and speeches where he regularly mentions the effects of jealousy. That being said he doesn’t appear to have depression, noticeable anxiety, or other disorders that come from having high levels of neuroticism.

6. Anna Biller

Greene’s girlfriend is named Anna Biller. She is a filmmaker. He does not have a wife.

7. In What Order Did He Write His Books?

In 1998 he published The 48 Laws of Power, 2001 The Art of Seduction, 2006 The 33 Strategies of War, 2009 The 50th Law, 2012 Mastery, 2018 The Laws of Human Nature, and 2021 The Daily Laws. See his best book and other books ranked here.

8. Robert Greene Contact Information

You can contact him through a few methods. His website doesn’t bear his name but it is powerseducationandwar.com. His email is rgauthorassistant at gmail. He also has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He does not have his own podcast. His YouTube is here.

9. IQ

Robert Greene’s iq is unknown. We couldn’t determine if he was an Ashkenazi Jew, which would mean he is more likely to have a higher than average iq. Greene is also higher in trait openness. Trait openness is correlated with higher iq levels than the average population.

10. Languages He Can Speak

Greene has given speeches in other languages like French and Spanish. We know from his speeches, interviews, and books that he has a special connection to the French language. He is a native English speaker.

11. Birth Date

He was born on the 14th of May, 1959. This makes him 63 after his birthday in 2022.

12. Net Worth

Greene’s estimated net worth is approximately $10 million in 2022. However, it is likely much higher since best selling authors are typically worth more, and he has written a few best selling books.

13. Meet And Greet/Other Events

Robert Greene doesn’t have any meet and greet, book signing, or other events scheduled at this time.

14. What kind of books does Robert Greene write?

Greene himself says he writes books on strategy, war, power, and seduction. We would also add the upcoming philosophy/spiritual book called the Sublime that he is working on. Generally speaking Robert Greene writes self help books.

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