How To Develop Dark Triad Traits

What Is The Dark Triad? The dark triad is made up of narcissism, psychopathy, and machiavellianism. The triad is not a grouping of personality disorders, as is mistakenly assumed. It is simply a trait grouping. This trait grouping does porportedly have a relationship with antagonism, coming from the big 5 personality trait of disagreeableness (low … Read more

What Everyone Ought To Know About Brainwashing

What Is Brainwashing? Brainwashing is a manipulative set of action that seek to control the brain. The goal is typically to reduce independent, rational, and selfish thought, and instead to introduce new ideas that are beneficial to another party. Brainwashing techniques are best seen as a subset of manipulation. Brainwashing seems similar to persuasion but … Read more

4 Facts About Intimidation

What Are The Characteristics Of An Intimidating Person? Intimidation comes both from beliefs wired into us by evolution as well as beliefs that we create because of social experiences. Physical elements of intimidation often stem from beliefs wired into use by biology. For example, studies have shown that increasing various elements of size in a … Read more

Make Them Obey, The Science Of Compliance And Conformity

What Are Compliance And Conformity? Compliance refers to a specific type of response to a request, namely submission. It is broken down in to compliance, in which people change how they act but not how they believe, identification, in which people change their public behavior and beliefs but not when they aren’t around the group, … Read more

Be More Skeptical About Body Language Analysis

Body language analysis, sometimes called Synergology, is a popular way to learn more about what is going on inside a person’s head. It is a proclaimed “scientific discipline for reading body language.” TSA and FBI agents, negotiation experts, and YouTubers all proclaim that they can decipher people reliably using a set of tells to answer … Read more

The Secrets Of Cult Indoctrination

Why Do People Join Cults? There are three models that seek to explain why people join cults. First is the Deliberative Model which says people join cults because of what they think about the group. Under this model individuals join because they agree with the group’s theories and ideas. Second is the Psychodynamic Model which … Read more

How Mental Dominance & Control Work

The Psychology Of Dominance Dominance hierarchies are formed by all primates and some other animals. A hierarchy is a way of ordering or grouping people in order to minimize the harsh effects of intense conflict. Higher up on the hierarchy the more you have access to resources and the more you can control or influence … Read more