Science Behind 2nd Law Of Power: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn To Use Enemies (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Main article. Links: –Evolutionary Psychology Of Envy/Jealousy –Psychology Of Jealousy Research Notes:-Friends will more readily betray you because of envy (see what you have up close). -People don’t remember your generosity (often it reminds them of their own weakness). -They become spoiled (entitled). -Friends know where to strike. -Emotions like love can blind you to … Read more

3 Tricks for Power Like Tommy Shelby

Today we are going to analyze how Thomas Shelby builds his power in season 1 of Peaky Blinders. We’ll also cover how you can use science to pull off some of the same moves in your life. Thomas answers the following questions about power. How can you be powerful like Thomas Shelby? Here are 3 … Read more

What Makes A Man Powerful? Analysis Of The Godfather

Welcome everyone. We are going to talk about what makes a man powerful via an analysis of the Godfather’s power sources. I’ve recently noticed a few videos that confuse how power and dominance are developed. These videos say power and dominance are primarily built by standing tall, silencing people with simple gestures, pausing when you … Read more