How Is The Concise Version Different? (48 Laws, Art Of Seduction, 33 Strategies Of War, Mastery, Laws Of Human Nature)

When looking to purchase books by Robert Greene, you might have noticed that some of his book has a “concise” version. For example:

  • The Concise 48 Laws Of Power
  • The Concise Art Of Seduction
  • The Concise 33 Strategies Of War
  • The Concise Mastery
  • The Concise Laws Of Human Nature

Who Wrote These Books?

The Author Robert Greene

These were all written by the author of the original books, Robert Greene.

What Is The Difference Between The Concise And The Normal Versions?

The concise version is simply a summary of the full book. It cuts of many of the details, examples, and other content that makes the full versions up to three times longer. Specifically, it removes sections like “Transgressions Of The Law,” which gives examples of people who didn’t follow the strategy, and focuses on application based sections like “Keys To Power.”

When Is The Concise Version Best?

Read the concise version of each book if you want a quick, pragmatic, application based understanding of Greene’s ideas. Reading in this manner will speed up the time between learning and applying the strategies. Buy the shortened version of you don’t care about mastering the material. The concise versions are also slightly less expensive ($7 for the concise versus $15 for the full version).

When Is The Full Version Best?

While you might have to wade through more information in the full versions, you will have a better understanding of Greene’s ideas. If you could at some point want to master his strategies, buy the full book. Just skip sections, and only read the application based pages. But since you purchased the full book, you can study in more detail later.

Where Can I Learn more About Robert Greene’s Books?

We have written detailed summaries of many of Greene’s books. Check them out.

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