Underwood’s Road To Power In House Of Cards Season 1 (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

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A date based timeline of HOC. For overview comparison purposes.

Forms of power (French & Raven) Wikipedia. Journal Article.

-Managing with Power by Pfeffer (how to build and navigate power in organizations) A practical resource on growing your power in an organization. View on Amazon.


Frank is always developing other sources of power (Zoe Barnes -> mouthpiece), somehow he knows someone at the DC police station that tips him off to illicit activity (this has to have been useful more than one time), funding from Remy Danton

Frank’s number 1 skill is either the ability to align incentives, or the ability to put out his feelers into useful situations that will gather him information power, both depend critically on knowing what people want/fear which he can get best from networking with them, how do you get into networking events with powerful people and then get the to open their mouths (see managing with power book)

Did the Underwoods purposefully tank Mechum in order to make him more loyal? Frank could have put in a good word for him. Maybe not but they definitely took advantage of his vulnerable position.

Frank’s congregation speech is quite revealing, he is able to use common emotions to make him seem like them and bind them all together, again frank uses the emotional momentum present to his own ends.

Politicians power comes from pork barrel threats and offers, and from future you can be x if I win type offers, and from funding for your campaign offers.

It seems that another reason Frank is so powerful is he uses the resources in the environment to his advantage. Eg time, public opinion. What are some of the environmental resources in your life that force people to make decisions? Family/social group pressure? The date they get their paycheck? Other?

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