How Attention Works

At their core, all attention techniques are promises. You are promising to share something of value, if they trade their attention. The key is to match your promise to something people are interested in, something they want. For example, a promise to share what happened at work is going to be more interesting to your … Read more

How to Make a Narcissist Respect or Fear Me

How Respect Works Respect is built on two social motives. First is desire for status and second is the need to belong or connect. Status elevation and liking contribute to respect. Status can be elevated by lowering other people’s status through insults or competition, or it can be elevated through demonstrating competence. Liking is closely … Read more

What does Nietzsche Think about Power?

Nietzsche is a famous philosopher who lived in the 1800’s. He is known for his critique and alternative explanation for Christian morality, as well as his prediction of, and affirmative response to, nihilism. Why Should You Care? Nietzsche holds a place on this blog because of what necessarily happens when people accept his way of … Read more