Build Rapport With Anyone In 5 Minutes

Watch the following video to find out how to build rapport with anyone in 5 minutes, or keep going below if you prefer to read. ANSWER: To build rapport with anyone in 5 minutes, you must make the person feel understood and valued. One technique is to use questions to figure out what the person … Read more

What Makes A Man Powerful? Analysis Of The Godfather

Welcome everyone. We are going to talk about what makes a man powerful via an analysis of the Godfather’s power sources. I’ve recently noticed a few videos that confuse how power and dominance are developed. These videos say power and dominance are primarily built by standing tall, silencing people with simple gestures, pausing when you … Read more

What Is Persuasion? A Quick Definition

Today we will be answering the question “what is persuasion?” Answer: Persuasion is an action undertaken with the purpose of changing beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. The action could be anything from texting, to speech, to a song, to artwork, or even a physical movement. Persuasion does not necessarily completely and totally change someone’s opinion or … Read more