What Is The 49th Law Of Power?

There is no 49th Law of Power, at least not from the author of The 48 Laws Of Power, Robert Greene. Greene hasn’t ever mentioned a 49th law, and he has talked about how the title of the 50th Law of Power was inspired and even written with the popular rapper 50 Cent. Thus the 50th Law is just a book title. The number 50 in the title is not to be taken literally as it references the rapper and not a particular law.

Some speculate that if there was to be a 49th Law Of Power, it would be that you should not talk about power with other people. Those who have power don’t talk about it because they have it. They don’t talk about it because it would share or bring light to their strategies. Some cite the Game of Thrones quote by Tywin Lannister “Any man who must say I am the king is no true king.”

There is also record of a book called the 49th Law of Power that is supposedly cosigned by Greene but written by Mitchell ‘Banknote Mitch’ Similton. However we cannot find the link or any clear image of the book. Links go to dead or abandoned sites.

It also bears mentioning that Greene already wrote a law that covers what some speculate would be the 49th law. It could be argued that Law 4, Say Less Than Necessary applies here. By saying less (nothing) about power, people with it create a kind of aura of mystery around themselves. This further enhances their power. There are other laws that could cover other aspects of this supposed 49th law, but you will have to read our 48 Laws Of Power Summary to find out.

Finally, we’d like to point out how the absence of a 49th law actually plays in Greene’s benefit. After all, you googled it right?

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