The Social Warfare Course

Dealing with disrespect? Fight back or you’ll get pushed to the sidelines in the battle for power. Gain that edge with the Social Warfare course.

If you are willing to go through life powerless, stop reading now.

Can you see it?

Yes, it’s a dogfight out there. Crowds throng well known paths to power. Backstabbers loiter near the gates of opportunity. Friends become enemies, and enemies scour for any chink in your armor.

Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some, are given a chance to climb. They refuse, they cling to the realm or the gods or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

– Littlefinger

We accept the brutal nature of what the world can be: chaotic, driven by power, and cloaked in masks.

But we’ve spotted opportunity through the fog.

People like this fail

The world where you can just waltz into power, success, and accolades doesn’t exist anymore, if it ever did. Some sit around waiting for fame, fortune, popularity, attention, and superiority to land in their laps, gift wrapped.

The world will cast them aside, a second rate watch in a five star collection. If you’re here, you don’t want to live an average life. You don’t want to be one of many, living in nose bleed suburbia, an overweight sheep headed to the slaughter. You’ve looked past the comfortable stopping points. You know those just lead to middle management, the cup bearers of the truly powerful.

Are you willing?

Your eyes are on the top prize. You know that climbing the ladder of power refines anyone tough enough to survive. Some aren’t made to be refined. They’ll be cast aside.

You are willing to kick, bite, and claw your way to the top. When injured, you’ll patch yourself up and keep going. You’ll capitalize on the powerful traits you have, and pick up the ones you need. Soon you’ll grasp power with an iron fist. You’ll meet challenges with steadfast confidence. Intimately familiar with the monster inside, you’ll never back down.

Let us speed up the process

The social warfare course documents every power move, every enemy tactic, and every strategy. Here are a few of the popular topics that we cover.

  • How to cut through the mindsets that keep you weak and powerless.
  • Spot a wolf in sheep’s clothing with our section on recognizing warfare.
  • Effortlessly handle common verbal and social attacks or tests.
  • Vanquish your enemies with high leverage psychological warfare and character assassination moves.
  • Extinguish their will to fight so you can rule in peace.

And much more.

I can get this for free if I look hard enough

Yes and no.

You could just read hundreds of books on warfare, social dynamics, strategy, and psychology. It is only a few million pages of material. You could list the techniques and try them out one by one. You’ll read some books and only extract a few techniques out of the five hundred or so pages. Others you’ll hardly make it through a page with out writing down a trick or two. You’ll end with thousands of pages of techniques.

But now you need to systematize those techniques into something useful. Don’t be too philosophical. The strategies need to work in the most common situations. So you’ll test the thousands of techniques to find the most valuable ones. Some will work and others will waste your time.

  • Do they work in the office or in school?
  • Do they work in social events?
  • Do they work in sports?
  • Do they work online?
  • Do they work in family and friend situations?

How many years will you spend, digging for a few golden nuggets? Will you throw away your precious time just trying to save a little?

The truth about what you are purchasing

An investment in the Social Warfare course eliminates all that work. We’ve sorted through all the techniques and cross referenced them with science. We’ve poured over tens of thousands of journal articles to learn what techniques work and why. We ferreted out the bullshit, the bro science, and the cheap talk.

Then we extracted the best and exposed them to trial by fire. The techniques you’ll learn were used by trial attorneys in high stakes litigation. Millions of dollars were at stake. Pressure and time produced tactical and strategic gold. They’ve been applied by masters in the following areas.

  • Famous civil and criminal ligation attorneys.
  • Hundred million dollar professional salesmen and negotiators.
  • Elite clinical psychologists and criminal profilers.
  • Feared corporate and political strategists.

But all the wisdom in the world is useless if it can’t be applied in every day situations. So we combined the concepts with practical advice. When you finish a section, you’ll find simple ways to practice using each tactic. With a bit of simple practice, you’ll summit the mountain of mastery.

Powerful people came before you

But no course can ever be exhaustive. Life today is different from life a thousand years ago. That is why we update the material as we find new techniques and strategies. New research in psychology, new tools or strategies all lead to new tests. When we’ve found additional insight, we add it to the course. You’ll only see the cream of the crop techniques. We will never waste your time. Here are a few updates we’ve recently made.

  • Updated the cat’s paw strategy with a new explainer and technique.
  • Modified the advanced verbal debate section to more easily master powerful techniques used by lawyers.
  • Updated the Personality Profiling section with another sub section.
  • Added the inverse concept of the halo effect to the preliminary warfare section. This will help you turn groups of people against your enemies.

What you’ll get

When you finish the course you’ll see through the fog of war. You’ll have educated yourself in the ways of social warfare. The attacks and strategies of your opponents will appear clear as day. Maneuvering around battles, you’ll occasionally squash attacks with the techniques you’ve mastered. You’ll feel comfortable as if you’ve known this for years. Here are a few sections that will help.

  • Creating a long term advantage. Root out unhelpful beliefs.
  • Learn how to win battles in the short run and in the long run. Learn when to choose each option.

Your friends will notice a secure and assuring presence. You’ll bring power and stability to any position you see fit. Because of this, people will beg for you to join their teams, selfishly hoping they can use you to ward off enemies. You’ll begin to expect people to ask for your help. Sometimes you’ll assist, sometimes you won’t. Here are a few sections that will lead to this result.

  • Learn what to watch out for.
  • Command respect.
  • Practice prediction and testing with your enemy’s behavior.
  • Turn enemies to allies and reinforce your power position with ease.

The enemies you meet will fear your confidence, confidence gained from practice of many battles. Opponents will be wary of picking fights with you, the memory of their dispatched forerunners in the back of their minds.

  • Extinguish their will to fight.
  • Use proxy battles to diffuse attacks before the become full out wars.
  • Use resources to drain their ability to attack you.

If you’ve ever wanted to be capable of dominance, so you can protect those you care about, so you can climb the ladder of success, so you can become the formidable person you respect, this is the course for you.

Course outline

  1. Overview
    • Important! Read this first.
  2. Creating a long term advantage
    • Description
    • Beliefs that make you weak
    • This will make you strong
    • How to win in the long run
  3. Recognizing warfare
    • Description
    • Signs and instigators of warfare
    • The goal of attacks
    • What to watch out for
  4. Digging for leverage
    • Description
    • The basics
    • Advanced techniques
    • Cutting edge
    • Prediction and testing
  5. Preliminary warfare
    • Description
    • Proxy battles
    • How to win each type of proxy battle
    • Common attacks and parries
  6. Offensive warfare
    • Description
    • Resource based warfare
    • Psychological warfare
    • Character assassination
  7. Eliminating enemies (aftermath)
    • Description
    • Extinguish their ability to fight
    • Extinguish their will to fight
    • Creating an ally
    • A useful eastern technique
    • Reinforcement

What students say

“The part on profiling was lit. I’ve never seen psychological triggers laid out like that.” – Jr

“This course is so deep. I feel like I don’t have to keep searching for new books or ways to solve my problems. It’s just right there.” – Ahsan

“Everything from the 48 Laws of Power and the Art of War is here but somehow better. WTF!” – [Name redacted]

“Wow. Just wow.” – Logan

“Good material. More comprehensive than other courses I’ve purchased.” – [Name Redacted]


The Social Warfare course is $397.