Social Warfare Course

The Social Warfare course combines science and practical strategy. You’ll learn everything there is to know about manipulation, control, character assassination, personality profiling, developing leverage, and more.

  • Dominate and control in any social situation.
  • Vanquish bullies and enemies.
  • Spot manipulation miles away by using psychological profiling.
  • Increase your popularity and power with simple tools.
  • Force everyone to treat you with respect.

Course Outline

Here is what you’re getting when you join the Social Warfare course.

  1. Overview
    • Important! Read this first.
  2. Creating a long term advantage
    • Description
    • Beliefs that make you weak
    • This will make you strong
    • How to win in the long run
  3. Recognizing warfare
    • Description
    • Signs and instigators of warfare
    • The goal of attacks
    • What to watch out for
  4. Digging for leverage
    • Description
    • The basics
    • Advanced techniques
    • Cutting edge
    • Prediction and testing
  5. Preliminary warfare
    • Description
    • Proxy battles
    • How to win each type of proxy battle
    • Common attacks and parries
  6. Offensive warfare
    • Description
    • Resource based warfare
    • Psychological warfare
    • Character assassination
  7. Eliminating enemies (aftermath)
    • Description
    • Extinguish their ability to fight
    • Extinguish their will to fight
    • Creating an ally
    • A useful eastern technique
    • Reinforcement

Student Experiences

“The part on profiling was lit. I’ve never seen psychological triggers laid out like that.” – Jr

“This course is so deep. I feel like I don’t have to keep searching for new books or ways to solve my problems. It’s just right there.” – Ahsan

“Good material. More comprehensive than other courses I’ve purchased.” – [Name Redacted]


The Social Warfare course is $397.