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Reasons why people don’t listen when I talk? How To Be Heard (Persuasion) (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Original Article. Links: -Study Basic study on agentic shift in different situations. Only useful for deeper study. –Wikipedia. Great overview. Notes: -See also presuasion type techniques (linguistic phrases like because and other primer type effects) -Balance between building rapport through vulnerability and being too vulnerable that the person doesn’t see you as an authority anymore … Read more

Underwood’s Road To Power In House Of Cards Season 1 (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Content)

Original Article. Links: A date based timeline of HOC. For overview comparison purposes. Forms of power (French & Raven) Wikipedia. Journal Article. -Managing with Power by Pfeffer (how to build and navigate power in organizations) A practical resource on growing your power in an organization. View on Amazon. Notes: Frank is always developing other sources … Read more

Science Behind 2nd Law Of Power: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn To Use Enemies

Why Can You Not Put Too Much Trust In Friends? PART 1 Why does the second law of power say you shouldn’t put too much trust in friends? One reason is because of envy. Personality science teaches us that envy and jealousy are emotions experienced by everyone. Scientists believe these feelings were selected by evolution, … Read more

Science Behind 2nd Law Of Power: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends, Learn To Use Enemies (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Main article. Links: –Evolutionary Psychology Of Envy/Jealousy –Psychology Of Jealousy Research Notes:-Friends will more readily betray you because of envy (see what you have up close). -People don’t remember your generosity (often it reminds them of their own weakness). -They become spoiled (entitled). -Friends know where to strike. -Emotions like love can blind you to … Read more

The Key To Persuasion: What Is The WIIFM Principle? (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Main Article. Links: -The Craft Of Power By Siu (A practical approach to power. The story about the King and the horse are from this book.) View On Amazon. –Inoculation Theory Wikipedia page. Basically counter an argument before it happens to prepare your audience to be more resistant to persuasion. Jury article reference here. Research … Read more

Altercasting (MEMBERS ONLY Bonus Material)

Original Article. Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Altercasting A general overview. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identification_in_Burkean_rhetoric 6 dimensions of altercasting here. Basically it talks about how close the identity is to the person’s ego. Closer === more persuasive. Research Notes: -Try positive and negative altercasting. Positive is when you entice someone based on an identity. For example “all smart people act this way.” … Read more

Altercasting: A Massively Effective Persuasion Trick

What is altercasting and What does altercasting mean? Altercasting is when you use a social role or identity’s expected behavior to persuade someone to act or think a certain way. For example, “all smart people buy mac/pc computers,” or “no popular people like that band.” Everyone wants the magical persuasion trick that instantly bends people … Read more